Indige Corp. is a financial management, strategy and project development based on the unseeded Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations shared territory in Vancouver, British Columbia. Indige Corp. works with First Nations and Strategic Partners to manage and maximize wealth opportunities for First Nations. Indige Corp. was founded to create opportunities for responsible wealth generation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples’.


Kindness | Honesty | Generosity

Indige Corp. is an Indigenous majority owned and lead company. We draw from the many teachings from Nations across Turtle Island (North America) our central values of Kindness, Honesty and Generosity. We pledge ourselves to bridge the economic and social gaps that exist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples by embracing traditional teachings and wisdom with free-enterprise values.


Indige Corp. was founded to create opportunities for responsible wealth generation for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples’. Our work focuses on growing Nations and their potential, creating profitable and sustainable ventures for everyone.

Indigenous communities across Turtle Island have the decisive advantage and potential for growing the economy and creating new markets. Indigenous peoples are the youngest and fastest growing population in Canada. Indigenous peoples are the key to resource and economic development across Canada. The time for investment into the Indigenous economy is now.




Wealth Management | Strategy | Community & Project Development


Indige Corp. has a wide range of experience, skills, partners and networks to help Indigenous Communities, Governments, Investors and Technology Providers to accomplish strategic goals and maximize value.

For Indigenous communities, we are able to help maximize current revenue streams, create new revenue streams, achieve strategic goals for the community and plan for success.

For government, investors and technology providers, we are able to craft key messages, engage with potential First Nations partners and develop symbiotic relationships.

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